What are the advantages of quartz over springboot schedule?

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At present, a program is being set up to schedule tasks regularly. The framework is springboot. After looking at it, there seem to be two ways: 1.quartz integrates springboot 2. Directly use the Schedule annotation in springbot.
I would like to ask you which is better? Quartz seems to be more suitable for more complex scenes, so what are its advantages over schedule?
Second question:
During use, if I set to run the task on the hour every day, then at 10: 59, the container hung up. . I didn’t get up until 11: 01. Then this 11 o’clock data is lost. How can we compensate this 11 o’clock data when the containers are packed?

Secondly, it seems that quartz is more suitable if it is distributed, isn’t it?

Question 1 is not very clear. As far as I know, quartz distribution is better as you say.
Question 2: If you hang up, there should be a top-up immediately. What is the relationship between the loss of additional data and the scheduled task?