What is the difference between java implicit loading and display loading?

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Implicit loading is performed byNewThe jvm loads the corresponding classes into memory when generating objects through such methods as
The display load is throughClass.forName(..)The programmer controls the loading by himself

Today, I learned here that I don’t understand. Are there any differences between these two loading methods? Is it just that one is done by the system and the other is done manually?

NewIt is hard coded, however in most cases,NewThis hard coding is enough.

Class.forName(String)Can be loaded dynamically, which enhances the dynamic of java. In other words, you can choose to load Class A or Class B at runtime.

if (condition_a) {
 Class cls = Class.forName("A");
 else if (condition_b) {
 Class cls = Class.forName("B");
 } else {
 Class cls = Class.forName("Other");