How to Obtain Geographical Location Information of Merchants in China

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I want to make a mobile phone APP, similar to the Guevara movie APP, which can collect and display the required merchant information separately. I don’t know how to get the geographic information location of the merchant now. Under the guidance of the great god.

In general. . If you want to save worry and complete data, you can only spend money on it. .

If you have perseverance, patience and a little skill, you can consider the following scheme:

  1. After using the open map application programming interface sdk (Baidu, Golder, google, SOSO, etc.), I worked out a set of rules for merchant names and got relevant geographic information by searching the SDK.

  2. Directly sniff similar software, for example, the software you mentioned, study its request protocol, then use the client to imitate the request and store the data.