Ios applications do not have a registration system, they can only log in with a third party. How can they pass Apple’s review?

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As the topic is. At present, my application can only log on using QQ and Sina Weibo.
Because of the new version of sdk in Tencent QQ, if users do not install QQ, they will be prompted to download the installation before logging in using QQ. This resulted in a high login threshold, which violated Apple’s regulations, and many applications were rejected for submission.

According to the online practice, if QQ is not installed, the button will be hidden.

This leaves only Sina Weibo to log in for my application. Is this insurance? I’d like to ask. Because Apple’s review of Period is still quite long and a little uneasy. If it is rejected, it will have to join the registration system temporarily and submit it again. This ordeal is estimated to require New year.

Can pass, my previous app was that only microblog login, passed.
The key is that you should clearly provide Apple with a login account for testing.
In addition, you can attach a usage video and send it to the video website to attach a link.