Cloud retrieval and transmission around Baidu Maps failed. No reason can be found. Hurry up!

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BMKCloudNearbySearchInfo *cloudNearbySearch = [[BMKCloudNearbySearchInfo alloc] init];

cloudNearbySearch.ak = @"LtvdCzZP6XwmKZN2jRN8yjqj";
 cloudNearbySearch.geoTableId = 118271;
 cloudNearbySearch.pageIndex = 0;
 cloudNearbySearch.pageSize = 10;
 Nsstring * selflocatestr = [nsstringstringwithformat: @ "percentage .6f, percentage .6f", selflocate.lonegitude, selflocate.latitude];
 cloudNearbySearch.location = selfLocateStr;
 cloudNearbySearch.radius = 50000;
 BOOL flag = [_search nearbySearchWithSearchInfo:cloudNearbySearch];
 NSLog(@ "loc: Percent @ Successfully Sent for Peripheral Cloud Retrieval", SelflowCatester);
 NSLog(@ "Periphery Cloud Retrieval Failed loc: Percent @", SelflowCatester);

I met this problem twice, because the bundle id was different from the one applied by Baidu developer center. it is better to change it.