Debugging of XCODE7 Real Machine

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In other words, how is the debugging of Xcode 7 set up?
My appid has already been registered as a developer account, but it is not a paid one. how is this going to work?
Not to say that only one appID is enough?
But how is this Provisioning Profiles empty?


Please kindly advise!
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I have solved the above problem myself, then the next question is why the size of the application on my mobile phone has shrunk after I debugged it. What is the reason?

The feeling of having his head and foot cut off is very unpleasant. What is the reason for this? Please kindly give directions!

The reason is that LaunchImage did not match. However, it is really easy to feel strange to say so. This is not a startup interface. Intuition seems to have nothing to do with it. So let me tell you a story …

Long ago, the iPhone was so short.

Then one day, I came out of Apple iPhone5 with the same width and a long height. I remember everyone was spitting out …

In any case, there were already many apps in the appStore at that time. After the screen changes, how should the original app be displayed? It is definitely not possible to stretch the square directly and draw it into a rectangle. Also cannot directly according to the elongated screen size rendering, although there should be no problem in theory, but at that time there was app code is a combination of Hard coding coordinates and calculation, direct change will definitely cause display disorder.

So what Apple wants to do is to give the original app a little time to prepare and request to adapt the new screen as soon as possible. The height of the display will not change until it is properly fitted, and it will be displayed in the center as you can see, with a black edge above and below. After fitting, press the elongated screen to display.

So how does app tell Apple that it is ready or not ready for this epoch-making new screen? The answer is: LaunchImage.

The system will first see if an app has a 4-inch LaunchImage. As long as it is given, it is assumed that it has been properly fitted and will be displayed by 4 inches. On the contrary, as long as it is not given, it will be displayed by 3.5 inches, which is the black edge you see.

Since then, when iPhone6 and 6Plus were introduced again, they were also distinguished in the same way. If you don’t give 3x LaunchImage, it will be directly stretched and displayed. If you give it, it will be rendered on a large screen, helping the existing app to survive the golden age.