For recommended books, technology stack is the front end of the web, ios front end and node back end.

  ios, question

I would like you to recommend some study books.
Technology stack is arranged as follows
Ios Development (Basic to Advanced, oc is OK, but please recommend some high-quality swift books)
Web front end development (js css html content can be, now looking at a javascript advanced programming, of course, if it is the current popular library or framework of books is also possible, such as angular,react, etc.)
Node development (after looking at the depth and simplicity of Park Ling, I feel that it is not enough. I have asked to recommend non-actual combat books. Some books are full of projects but I haven’t learned anything)

There are also algorithmic foundations, network protocols, operation and maintenance knowledge, data structures, computer science, and so on, which are also welcomed for recommendation.

College dog, non-computer major, self-study node.js
My book list: JavaScript Authority Guide, Node.js Authority Guide, node》《node.js and Node. JS Practice
In addition, in order to supplement their own shortcomings, while looking at the data structure and algorithm, we have started with a book “Programming Brilliant”. However, I feel that it is very difficult to read this book according to my own level, and I am working hard.