I want to do an instant messaging app(iOS platform) to recommend a better library and server platform

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I am a prospective senior dog and now I am facing the problem of finding a job. I am in the direction of iOS, and now I want to be an instant messaging app(QQ\ WeChat, etc.) to improve my competitiveness in job hunting.

The following difficulties have been encountered:
-Bmob and AVOSCloud have been used before. Bmob’s SDK is always unable to get the data (it feels good but I don’t know how to use it). The pod installation or manual installation of AVOSCloud is a ton of errors once compiled (the figure is a screenshot of the error, and after searching for an N-year solution on the Internet, it still hasn’t been fixed).

Find a solution
-Please recommend a user-friendly BaaS or a user-friendly library. I am a beginner and need to be easy to use with more comments.
-Besides, I was self-taught, and now I have encountered a bottleneck. I don’t have iOS development around me. I hope I can find an enthusiastic warrior to teach me to do something (just solve the current difficulty). I still hope that master not stint can help me.

that‘s all
Thank you very much

The SDK can try Netease’s Yun Xin. The document is relatively clear, and the Demo given at the same time is what you want to achieve.
Netease Yun Xin