What do I need to know to interview junior iOS programmers?

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I have been working for 4 years. I have done. net, system operation and maintenance, Java and Python before. Now I have switched to iOS. I have taught myself for 1 month. I have learned several main View from Objective-C basic grammar and UIKit framework. Multithreading will use NSThread, NSOperation and GCD, and network development will learn NSURLSession. This is the general situation.
I have been studying hard recently, but it seems that the results are not very good. What a worry! Please kindly give advice, thank you ~

  1. Master the basic syntax of Objective-C, object-oriented and Runtime features, multithreading and memory management. In particular, the Runtime can refer to the following articles:
    Objective-C Runtime
    Method Swizzling and AOP practice
  2. Understanding the Life cycle of iOS applications: How Does App Start? What are the core objects in app’s entire architecture? How does Run Loop respond to and handle events generated when interacting with users? App status switching and multitasking? How did app end up? Please refer to Apple’s official articles:App Programming Guide for iOS
  3. After understanding the Life cycle of iOS application, further understand View, Controller and event handling.
    View Programming Guide for iOS
    View Controller Programming Guide for iOS
    Event Handling Guide for iOS
  4. After a thorough understanding of View, Controller, and event handling, you need to learn how to use AutoLayout to adapt to screens with multiple resolutions, and you also need to learn how to customize controls and animations.
    Real-time display of iOS UI code writing effect
    Drawing and Printing Guide for iOS
    Quartz 2D Programming Guide
    Core Animation Programming Guide
  5. Many applications need to access the network, which requires iOS network programming and third-party network library (AFNetworking). of course, they also need to understand the RESTful API design and basic HTTP protocol. after capturing the data from the network, the general data exchange format is JSON, but it also requires data parsing (Mantle/JSONModel)
  6. After parsing the data, it is sometimes necessary to store the data in various ways: file, SQLite, Core Data, etc.
  7. Understand the common architectures of iOS applications: MVC, MVCS, model-view-viewmodel and VIPER. Please refer to the following articles:
    IOS application architecture
  8. The program written is not only for one’s own eyes, but also for others. It needs to follow the coding standard of Objective-C:
    Code specification for raywenderlich Objective-C
  9. UnderstandIOS best practices

On the basis of the above points, I wish the landlord to find a job as soon as possible.