About the speed limit of the seven cows cloud storage tool: how to realize the speed limit of the qrsync tool? ? ?

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I am considering the use of seven cows cloud storage to archive MyBackup Pro data. Since normal business is allowed while backup is in progress, it is necessary to limit the upload rate of backup business. I am currently using qrsync, a seven-cow cloud storage tool.
The link above gives an example of a configuration file.

“access_key”: “Please apply your access key here”,
“secret_key”: “Dont send your secret key to anyone”,
“bucket”: “Bucket name on qiniu resource storage”,
“sync_dir”: “Local directory to upload”,
“async_ops”: “fop1; fop2; fopN”,
“debug_level”: 1
However, there is no configuration file and no configuration items about restrictions. Does this tool support speed limit? ? Or is there any other way to reach the speed limit? ?
My os is Ubuntu12.4

Iptables can be used as the speed limit:

iptables -I OUTPUT 1 -p tcp -dUP_SERVER_IP-m limit –limit 1400/s -j ACCEPT
iptables -I OUTPUT 2 -p tcp -dUP_SERVER_IP-j DROP

Among them,UP_SERVER_IPIt is the IP address you obtained by ping the domain name up.qiniu.com on the server. That is to say, there is a restriction on the speed of traffic flowing into our IP.1400/sIt refers to limiting the maximum speed to1400kbps.