Android Studio generates a test class ApplicationTest by default. The Application.class in the test class APPLICATION TEST is What?

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javapackage com.example.wkl7123.myapplication;
 import android.test.ApplicationTestCase;
 * <a href="">Testing Fundamentals</a>
 public class ApplicationTest extends ApplicationTestCase<Application> {
 public ApplicationTest() {

HereApplication.classShould it not be part of the java language?
It refers to submitting the class I am developing to the classApplicationTestCaseIs it the constructor of?

The concept of generics was introduced in java 1.5. By introducing the concept of generics, the compiler can customize a container that only accepts and fetches specific object types.

This is the generalization of Class. Application.Class belongs to class type, and is called type token when literal text of a class is used in methods to convey compile-time and run-time type information.

For more information, please refer to Article 29 of “Effective Java” 2nd Edition: Giving Priority to Heterogeneous Containers with Type Safety.