Can IOS web pages judge whether an application is installed, open it when installed, and download it from appstore when not installed?

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Please tell the great god how to realize it

Judging whether the mobile phone/tablet is installed with app; if so, calling the app scheme, and passing in url as a parameter to do subsequent operations; if not, jumping to app store/google play to download app

(function () {
    var openUrl =;
    try {
        openUrl = openUrl.substring(1, openUrl.length);
    } catch (e) {}
    var isiOS = navigator.userAgent.match('iPad') || navigator.userAgent.match('iPhone') || navigator.userAgent.match(
        isAndroid = navigator.userAgent
        isDesktop = !isiOS && !isAndroid;
    if (isiOS) {
        setTimeout(function () {
            window.location = "itms-apps://[name]/[id]?mt=8";
        }, 25);
        window.location = "[scheme]://[host]?url=" 加 openUrl;
    } else if (isAndroid) {
        window.location = "intent://[host]/" 加 "url=" 加 openUrl 加 "#Intent;scheme=[scheme];package=[package_name];end";
    } else {
        window.location.href = openUrl;