Jenkins automatically packs gitlab that cannot connect to its own server

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The landlord packed Xcode’s iOS project, first using the local file path, which succeeded, and then wanted to try the code in the company’s own server gitlab.
Git@××:××.git address and ssh authentication were used, but there was no link.
At present, the latest version of jenkins mac downloaded from the official website is used.


Then every time I click? When testing, always pop up a window


Every time I play it three times, I always check to remember the password and enter the Passphrase above, and when I test, Passphrase is equal to the password of my git account.

The result was not soft, it was still wrong.

As a result, the last use of http links, with the account password name, it is ok! ! !

How can you analyze your problem without posting the wrong information?

Did you add the wrong certificate?