Someone in ios has used JSPatch, a dynamically updated iOS APP. how does it feel? can you tell me about it?

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If you have recently done a part-time project, you just want to use something that you didn’t dare to use in previous projects, so you can use it this time. The APP review mechanism submitted before is too embarrassing. Can you tell me its advantages and disadvantages?

Our project, inside, was used and I just got in touch with it.
To tell the truth, JSPatch has solved the biggest drawback of the client: it cannot follow new bugs in real time.
Most of the time, the new version of the client solved the previous BUG, but the user did not update, which is the most headache for developers.

Daniel of our project inside was very prescient and joined JSPatch from the very beginning.
He placed a JS in the server, got it through API, and loaded it through JSPatch at the client.

At first, the content of JS was empty, until after our new version was released, we found a more urgent bug-the amount of reading and the amount of praise displayed on the control were reversed.
Then Daniel quickly changed the JS stored in the server and rewritten the wrong method with JS. Solve the problem in an instant.
There is no need to release any new version or modify any client code.

It should be said that when I first went to see JSPatch, I was deeply shocked and felt that “if I looked at the world from a different angle, all the problems would be solved”.
This mini engine is really amazing.

Of course JSPatch also has problems at present. its official website also said that it is currently in the testing phase and has some bugs. In fact, we also encountered that once your JS is written in error, it will immediately cause the program to crash, so the fault tolerance is relatively low. In addition, there will also be some problems.

However, this problem-solving mode is absolutely excellent, and I believe JSPatch will definitely catch fire.