When iOS developed real-time internal testing, LaunchImage was added normally. When running on iPhone6S, the font of status bar became larger because of What?

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IOS development dandelion released internal Application, LaunchImage added normally.
It is normal on 5, 5S and 6Plus.
However, when running on iPhone6S, the font of the status bar becomes larger.
This is because What?

Hello, thank you for using dandelion, according to your question description:

  1. Your App should have the same problem in iPhone 6.

  2. The font size of the status bar on iPhone 6s is larger because you have not added the Launch image required by iPhone 6s, so you will automatically enter Scale Mode when displaying it and use iPhone 5s, that is, the Launch Image with 4-inch screen.

  3. Solution: Add iPhone 6 and 750-size drawings required for 6s.