Xcode7.1 Instrument real machine debugging can’t see the specific method

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This is what the real machine saw during debugging.

This is what the simulator saw during debugging.

Today App encountered the problem of photographing Flashback. In order to check the real reason, it is ready to use Instruments for debugging.
As a result, the iphone4 4s 5 seems to be unable to connect directly. Debugging with 6 is fine, but what you see in leaks Allocations and others are all addresses and there is no specific method.
When I open it with simulator 6, I can see everything! The specific method call, usage time, leakage and other things are very clear. However, I have to use a real camera to debug my photo. . . What to do. .

The simulator can’t take pictures, use the real machine Jiangshi to debug, start from the point of taking pictures, follow bit by bit.