Android WeChat Sharing Jumps Directly to WeChat Sharing

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When integrating WeChat sharing, sharing to the circle of friends can only pop up a dialog box and then share to the circle of friends on WeChat, instead of jumping to the WeChat interface to share to the circle of friends. How can this situation be solved? I really didn’t find a solution on the website.
My code is as follows

WXWebpageObject webpage = new WXWebpageObject();
 webpage.webpageUrl = url;
 WXMediaMessage msg = new WXMediaMessage(webpage);
 msg.title = title;
 msg.description = description;
 msg.setThumbImage(ImageUtil.getInstance().getCache(imgUrl, 100, 100));
 SendMessageToWX.Req req = new SendMessageToWX.Req();
 req.transaction = buildTransaction("appdata");
 req.message = msg;
 req.scene = isTimeLine ?   SendMessageToWX.Req.WXSceneTimeline : SendMessageToWX.Req.WXSceneSession;

Now it seems that everyone uses one page, and then click “Add Attention”