A question about Stream and through in Node, is chunk What? How do I delete items?

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When writing the Gulp plug-in, you need to use a library named through2. see the official introduction that this is the encapsulation of Node’s Stream API.

through(function(chunk,enc,cb) {

The chunk parameter of the callback function is What? Is it a collection of data of stream?
I found that I can access one of the items by subscripting, but I cannot delete one item.

The viewing type isUnit8Array, but this type cannot passnewTo create an instance

Excuse mechunkIs it What? How can I create this type or delete items?

chunkCan be understood as a block of data in stream data, for readable streams it isStreamThe read data block, for writable streams, isStreamThe data block written.
chunkThere are two modes of data block type, one is normal mode.regularModeOne isobjectModeIn the creation ofStreamYou can specifyobjectMode. Here is the difference between the two modes: inregularModeAt that time,chunkIt can only beString,Buffer,Null,UndefinedType; And inobjectModeAt that time,chunkIt can be of any type. It is worth noting that,regularModeWhat is consumed isByte, andobjectModeWhat is consumed isobject.

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