About Moving Pages to Realize Copy and Paste Function

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How does the mobile terminal realize the function of copying and pasting? This is a problem.

Functional Requirements: Same as this copy function on github. Click on the button to copy the text of the target element. Chrome 40 Plus and safari Compatibility Required


Why can’t the mobile end be usedZero ClipboardOr is it packaged for zero clipboardjquery-zclipTo realize the function of copying and pasting? Unfortunately, zero clipboard needs flash support, but flash has no place on the mobile end (Flash Quits Android Platform to Say Goodbye to Mobile)

So, found againclipboard.js, No Flash, No Frameworks。 I am so happy that I can copy and paste on the mobile terminal.
But ..
Safari is not supported, and chrome support does not meet the project requirements. What should I do?

May I ask: How can the mobile terminal achieve the copying and pasting function and boast browser compatibility? Thank you
If there is an implementation plan, I will add it again. . .

I don’t quite understand your needs. Can’t the copy and paste function provided by the system be satisfied?