After hexo installation is completed, the hexo server command that can be connected after browsing and closing the terminal is useless. npm is also useless.

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According to the official documents, the hexo server can be accessed after the installation, then I turn off the terminal. I thought it would run in the background (please forgive my ignorance). However, it is not, as if it was directly interrupted. Then I am ready to board, run the hexo server to start, and then I cannot recognize these commands.-bash: hexo: command not foundThen npm also suggests this. Is it a problem with environment variables? There was some running before. Ask for guidance from the big winners ….

hexo serverIt is only used to test the effect of the website and is not recommended for use in a production environment.hexoIs the generated Static Website deployed to otherhttpOn the server program, it is not usedhexo serverAs a server program. The service program will stop when the terminal is closed. If you do not want the service to stop, you can use it.hexo server &To let the program run in the background.