After node has installed http-server globally, report an error after entering http-server at the command line under the site directory?

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The problem is as above. after the http-server is installed globally, the command line running display command is not running. solve the reason ~

H:\web front-end learning \ angularjs \ bookstore > npmsTALL http-server-g
 D:\Program Files\nodejs\node_global\http-server -> D:\Program Files\nodejs\node_global\node_modules\http-server\bin\http-server
 D:\Program Files\nodejs\node_global\hs -> D:\Program Files\nodejs\node_global\node_modules\http-server\bin\http-server
 D:\Program Files\nodejs\node_global
 `-- http-server@0.9.0
 H:\web front-end learning \ angularjs \ bookstore > http-server
 Http-server' is not an internal or external command, nor is it a runnable program
 Or batch files.

You should try to run http-server with the complete directory first.

D:\Program Files\nodejs\node_global\http-server

If it is possible, it may be an environment variable problem. Add this path to PATH and then you can execute http-server in any directory.