After reading the documents vue plus vue-router, where should the backend start if node is used?

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The novice is ready to develop the whole station. After reading the documents vue plus vue-router, then if node is used in the back end, where should he start? Is there a mature solution?

The government has a tool that looks like it is already a server when it runs. Does it include a server? Like express or something,
Listen to others say that there is a restify, if used, is it put into this tool for use together?

At the beginning, I wrote onevue-cnode, mobile side, did not realize all functions, code inGitHub, is to usevue-cliThe generated project is actually executingnpm run buildAfter that,distThe following is a static webapp, which I put directly on my VPS and passed throughnginxManaged, if you want to use node as the backend, it actually serves asnginxThe role of.