After vuejs uses vue-cli to create a project, how to add multiple html?

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The template has only one index.html. Are multiple html components written?
Vue-cli webpack template, how to add multiple html files?

vue-cliThe projects created by default assume that you are doing itSingle-page application, that is, there is only oneindex.htmlAs an application portal, the rest is left to the hands of others.javascriptDynamically processed.

If you want to go directly tovue-cliThe skeleton of the created project is simply transformed into a multi-page style, trying to change of it:

module.exports = merge(baseWebpackConfig, {
 module: {
 loaders: utils.styleLoaders()
 // eval-source-map is faster for development
 devtool: '#eval-source-map',
 plugins: [
 new webpack.optimize.OccurenceOrderPlugin(),
 new webpack.HotModuleReplacementPlugin(),
 new webpack.NoErrorsPlugin(),
 new HtmlWebpackPlugin({
 filename: 'index.html',
 template: 'index.html',
 inject: true
 new HtmlWebpackPlugin({
 Filename:' another. html',
 Template:' another template. html',
 inject: true