An exotic issue, about the isomorphism of service terminals. .

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A node’s ejs template engine implementation server render project should belong to the front-end project category. But what if this happens?

  1. The back end will only be node, the front end dom, css, webapi and so on.

  2. Front-end not node

In this case, a project needs to be maintained together. Is it back to the previous effect of using java/php as background and velocity/smarty template engine?

In this case, should the ejs template be written by the server or the front end?

Can’t you learn? One of nodejs’s advantages is that you can do it one by one. . . . .

If it is necessary to separate, it is: write a template of the template at the front end and let the background set it up. After setting it up, check the front end and repeat it several times. . . This is no different from using Java in the background.