Android multithreading download speed is very slow, why is the application market on the market downloading speed very fast

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Write your own application market and download apk files with multi-threads, but the download speed is very slow (not a problem of network speed), while files in the application market on the market are very fast, which is Why?.
accessFile = new RandomAccessFile(file, “rwd”);
Seek (startpos plus completeSize); //Set where to write data
inputStream = connection.getInputStream();
byte[] buffer = new byte[4096];
int length = -1;
while ((length = ! = -1) {

//write data
 accessFile.write(buffer, 0, length);
 //Accumulate the downloaded length
 CompleteSize = completeSize plus length;

Byte[4096] is set to byte[4096*1000], but at most 8192 is Why? ? ?

There may be a problem with your multithreading, you can Log yourself to see the amount of data downloaded by each thread.