Android’s idea of selecting five contacts at a time is What?

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I want to be in the mobile phone address book.DisposableSelect 5 contacts and return them to onActivityResult (). What kind of implementation idea should this be?

The problem is that you want to be What? Is it limited to acquiring only 5 contacts at a time or just need data of 5 contacts?

  • Limit to 5 at a time, then add limit limit when querying the contact list.

  • Only the data of 5 contacts are needed, except for the above point, all contact data can be searched out and then 5 people can be cut out.

There is no need to open any activity to get the address book contact, so the data will not be called back to the onActivityResult () method. To query the address book, you only need ContentResolver to submit the query and return it to Cursor for analysis.