Angularjs is writing how to gracefully use jQuery plug-in in background management system

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1. How angularjs gracefully uses jQuery plug-in in the background management system;
2. Would it be too messy to write using jQuery syntax?
3. angular does not have so many UI plug-ins for jQuery, and there are many UI plug-ins provided by third-party contributors.
4, everyone encountered those pits in using angular writing program, and how to solve them, ask for advice.

AboutjqueryWithangularjsInstructions can be completely replaced. A good Single page application can be completely separated from jquery, because a single page is generally larger, and each module should be isolated.jqueryThe selector of (especiallyidSelector) may cause each module to influence each other and may be chaotic. But not applicablejqueryIt is unrealistic, I now use more instructions $elementTo solve the problem, we must use selectors if we have to and if we have to be elegant, then give it to everyonehtmlFragment additionclass, like the following code

If jquery selector is used in the instruction$('.navBar').find('.class')This implements the selector

3、bootstrapCertainly not unused! Andbootstrap-uiIt has already been realizedangularjsEncapsulation of instructions, such as:tabsetPagination navigation, folding menuaccordion,bootstrapModal boxes, etc

4. The number of pits encountered has increased. However, after stepping on it, it is found that the solution seems to be the most correct. For example:
(1) modal frame

Defined when initializing modal boxcontrollerAndwindowClassSo the outer layer of the modal boxclassexactlyselectDocOrCol,
Modal framecontrollerexactlylinkModalCtrl,controllerDon’t have to do it on the page"linkModalCtrl"Such designation
(2)ng-class=”{} “Don’t forget quotation marks. inside has another {}
If you don’t say much, then you can understand the pit that you put into practice.