Antdesign form validation reported an error. .

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Why would I make a mistake? ?
Where do mistakes usually occur?


This is not an error reported during form verification. only forms created with Form.create () will have this.props.form. otherwise, you should print this.props.form and look at it. it should be empty, so you cannot get the method on the form. the code you post is not component. I assume your name is kidddderForm

// react and other dependencies you should import here  ....
 import { Form } from 'antd'
 const createForm  = Form.create
 class kidddderForm extends Component {
 //Code posted by yourself
 kidddderForm = createForm({})(kidddderForm)
 // ReactDOM.render(<kidddderForm />, document.getElementById('app'))
 export default kidddderForm

Besides, what is the version of antd you are using, and the version after 1.7 does not need to be set, please refer to it for details.DocumentI hope it will help you.