As a mobile development engineer (various end), do you have any complaints or good ideas to tell designers to promote more elegant and efficient cooperation?

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As UE, do a survey and ask engineers and brothers to spit out their grievances ~

1: If there are strict requirements on the spacing, font color and so on of various graphs, be sure to mark them, shake your hands, be very tired in measurement, and always BB when there are errors.
2. The ideal data situation on the map is certainly good-looking, but the data of various situations may need to be selected for certain effects, with more exchanges, more consideration and more tolerance.
3. The screens at each end of the mobile terminal vary greatly. Be prepared for many errors from the beginning. It is best to do demo first and look at the effects under multiple terminals, such as font size, color matching, animation effect and other compatibility issues. Don’t say that you don’t want to make various changes until you have done it well.