Ask for help, about the problem of picture clipping! ! ! ! ! !

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At present, the project has a requirement that some pictures and text materials are placed in the wireframe of the central area on a background bottom map. The excess will be overflow:hidden, and then I will use it.Js plug-in, normally there is no problem, but if the material inside goes through transform: rotate, a bug will appear in the cropped material, which shows that the rotation does not seem to have taken effect. I hope you can help me analyze how to solve this problem, or other plug-ins can avoid this problem, first Kneeling xie!
The following is a normal cut, no problem
Picture description

And then the following is rotated

Picture description

This is what happens after cutting

Picture description

Css rotation elements should have no effect on canvas drawing, if you want to rotate drawing, canvas should have rotation function to search.