Atom installation plug-in reported an error.

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The newly installed Atom is directinstallThe error was reported as follows:

Installing “sync-settings@0.7.2” failed.Hide output…
 ��Ϣ: ���ṩ��ģʽ�޷��ҵ��ļ���
 gyp info it worked if it ends with ok
 gyp info using node-gyp@3.4.0
 gyp info using node@4.4.5 | win32 | ia32
 gyp http GET
 gyp http 200
 gyp WARN install got an error, rolling back install
 gyp ERR!  install error
 gyp ERR!  stack Error: incorrect header check
 gyp ERR!  stack     at Zlib._handle.onerror (zlib.js:363:17)
 gyp ERR!  System Windows_NT 6.1.7601
 gyp ERR!  command "C:\\Users\\1\\AppData\\Local\\atom\\app-1.10.2\\resources\\app\\apm\\bin\\node.exe" "C:\\Users\\1\\AppData\\Local\\atom\\app-1.10.2\\  resources\\app\\apm\\node_modules\\node-gyp\\bin\\node-gyp.js" "install" "--runtime=electron" "--target=0.37.8" "--dist-url=" "--arch=ia32" "--ensure"
 gyp ERR!  cwd C:\Users\1\.atom
 gyp ERR!  node -v v4.4.5
 gyp ERR!  node-gyp -v v3.4.0
 gyp ERR!  not ok
 Compiler tools not found
 Packages that depend on modules that contain c/c plus code will fail to install.
 Read here for instructions on installing Python and Visual Studio.
 Run apm install --check after installing to test compiling a native module.

What is the reason?
Thank you very much.

There’s a saying in insidestack Error: incorrect header checkThis seems to be the problem.
The title owner can manually try whether the compressed package is downloaded and decompressed normally.