BaaS background service problem

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Recently, the server in Alibaba Cloud is about to expire, and the student discount is no longer available. However, I have a project on it that is still under maintenance and was written by Django. At that time, my writing was relatively fast and rough. The whole backstage only provided data. Almost all logic was completed at the front end, which is a bit like webapp (don’t criticize me). Now it’s time to migrate this project. My idea is to deploy it on githubpage and then get the background data through ajax. Leancloud was found through various materials, but it was built through an express application and then published on its own server. In order to use this, I have to learn various methods of adding, deleting, checking and correcting his documents. There is also a kind of firebase, the domestic was The Wall will not say, there is a wild dog and it is very similar. I hesitated for a long time and did not know how to do it. My idea is very simple! One is to deploy the application free of charge, the other is to provide api only in the background, and the third is to access it through url! Great Xia of all parties to help find an elegant solution, the little girl is very grateful! Another problem is that I recently learned vue and feel that I can write an application locally, but how can I post it online? Can use url to access the kind (actually the same as what the above question wants).

If it is only a simple addition, deletion, modification and investigation, your thinking is already correct.

  1. Static page deploymentgithub-pages(coding is OK too)

  2. ajaxVisiting jackalsBaasAdd, delete, change and check data of services

  3. vueThere is nothing strange about publishing. First of all, “compile” and package “single file components” or something that the browser itself does not know into an independent package.bundle.js, and then inhtmlInside quotes this js. In the end, they (of course, there may also be pictures, fonts, etc.) were thrown together.github-pagesGo up (you already know this). End