Beginners nodejs, how to deal with routing with parameters to prevent access without parameters?

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 If this code accesses 3000/admin/list/1 like this
 In case the user directly 3000/admin/list takes no parameters
 Resulting in "failed to lookupview" error "in viewsdirectory" e: \ nodejs \ myproject \ views "not finding template
 Or 3000/admin/list/0 with 0 how to deal with it?
 How can it automatically jump to 3000/admin/list/1 for the above two behaviors

This route is recommended

 * access: /admin/list
 * access: /admin/list?  page
 * access: /admin/list?  page=0
 * access: /admin/list?  page=a
 * access: /admin/list?  page="1"
 var page =;
 page = isNaN(page) || page == 0 ?   1 : page;
 //Render Template

In this way, the problems of /list, /list/0, /list/1 are solved at the same time.