Build CI in the company to support nodejs and svn. What is the best plan?

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Travis ci cannot be built by itself.
Jekins is too java to like.

Is there a comparison of Public Life based on nodejs?

I also struggle with this problem and want to find a newer framework than jenkins to use.
I set up jenkins on the company server and wrote a script to deal with work directory.
Basically, only nodejs was downloaded and installed, and the results showed that jenkins was in charge.
The rest is done by script. It feels like a lot of libs are out of date.
In addition, git hook in and git hook in github use post, while GitHook in jenkins requires get, which is also intoxicated.

The circle-ci co-operated by github is very useful, but it only serves github.
It seems to be based on docker.
Is a commit, it will start a container, and then start the deployment again.

Anyway, my future plan is github private plus circle-ci