Can I open a new page in express after processing the post request?

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There is now a requirement that after the data is post to an interface, the interface returns the data needed to populate the new page. Use at this timeres.render()orres.redirect()No response, askCan post open a new pageAh? If not, what can I do to fill in the data from post in the new page?

If it isajaxThepostRequest,redirectIt’s no use.

But you can be at the frontjsInside got itpostAfter the results, do it yourself at the front end.Location.href =' your new url'

As for how to fill in the data that jumps to the new page? For inside on the new pagejsIn the hair a.ajaxYou can also go to the back end to get the data. Pages with data rendered directly from the back end are also fine.