Can nodejs Call Wechat Official Account Interface in Front End?

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Public platform test account number: …

Can anyone please tell me how the WeChat development interface should be called by the front end?
I think the videos on the Internet are all called in java or php.
Originally our company inside either Mobile client or computer project as long as the front-end completes the page, now requires the front-end to retrieve the interface!
I read some information on the Internet that nodejs can develop Wechat Official Account. Now I guess I can’t learn it in a short time. Who can help me look at this problem?
What is said well can be paid, and we will give you a red envelope on WeChat.

There are interfaces in official account on a social networking platform.

At the front end, ajax can be used to call WeChat interface to complete business logic. However, it is possible to cross domains.
Even at the back end, WeChat interface can be directly called through curl(php) or http(nodejs).
For example, to create an interface for a new menu:

Of course, the general back-end is to install the SDK version of Wechat development for the language first, and then use the SDK to complete the business logic.

If there is anything wrong, please correct me.