Can you tell me how to extract the public html part from artTemplate? How to load and implement sub-pages

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1. Can you tell me whether the format of the public part should be written in full HTML format?
2. How should sub-pages be loaded?
3. If there is a new public module, how to extract it into a template.
4. If the content of this template is also dynamic. How to render the parent template and the child template at the same time?
After reading some official documents of artTemplate and baidu, I still can’t get a clue. Please have a look.

  1. I don’t know what you mean by integrity. No complete page html structure is needed, only html fragments are needed;

  2. At present, artTemplate has only been introduced{{include './footer_tpl'}}This method of introduction;

  3. This depends on how you split it. Remove the public part to another template and reuse it.includeJust introduce it.

  4. There is no difference in rendering. The imported templates also need to render data, and just pass them in together when rendering.
    You putincludeThink of it as introducing template code and splicing it into this template. It’s nothing profound.