Can’t access the project after it is deployed to Alibaba Cloud?

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I made a small project by myself, using node and express, which has been deployed to Alibaba Cloud now. The path of app.js is/root/home/app/huilv/app.js. carry outforever start --minUptime 100 --spinSleep 100 app.jsAfter that, the project seemed to run, as shown in the following figure:

But how should I access it in the browser inside? I can’t access this website with internet IP or bound domain name or domain name plus /home/app/huilv. . Seek guidance

Add: I used express generator to generate an original demo again, and then usednode ./bin/wwwWhen running, you can use curl and domain name to access, but when running, you cannot use forever to access. .

Shut down the server Firewall or allow port access

Browser openshttp://Server IP:express listening port