Commit with in Github refers to What?

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Note that in Node’s Repo, each PR is Close and then Owner will open the PR and merge them together. At this time, what is displayed in Log inside isA Commited with B, is the original open PR that contributor will also be displayed on the top.

What kind of operation has it gone through?
In other words, how should I implement an approximate process?

What is the relationship between the parent of a commit and the commit itself?

Sorry, a few questions have come together.


Does it feel that the parent commit is a bit like the one before this commit?

I once handled a process on one project, and there were many commits on another branch. Then when merger went to the master line, for some very frustrating reasons, the boss asked not to merge directly, only according to COMMITTEE. Then cherry pick was used, and then COMMITTWITH appeared.

I don’t know if node’s repo is one of the reasons I met.