Data is always not saved

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var mongoose = require("mongoose");
 //The connection string format is mongodb:// host/database name
 var Schema = mongoose.Schema;
 //skeleton template
 var movieSchema = new Schema({
 doctor   : String,
 title    : String,
 language : String,
 country  : String,
 year     : Number,
 summary  : String,
 poster   : String,
 flash    : String
 var Movie = mongoose.model('Movie', movieSchema);
 //store data
 var movie = new Movie({
 Title:' Men in Black III',
 Doctor:' Smith',
 year: 2018,
 flash: '',
 Country:' US',
 Language:' English',
 Summary:' good movie'
 //Save Database {
 if (err) {
 Log ('save failed')

The following prompt appears on the console:
Mongoose: mpromise (mongoose’s default promise library) is deprecated, plug in your own promise library instead: …

I didn’t say anything wrong, but the data just couldn’t get in.

1) Add the default port 27017 to the host address. That is,mongodb://localhost/test
Change tomongodb://localhost:27017/test

2) Test the connection with codes to ensure connectivity. For example, add these words after mongoose.connect ():

mongoose.connection.on('connected', function(){
 console.log('Connection success!'  );
 mongoose.connection.on('error', function(err){
 Log ('connectionerror:' plus err);
 mongoose.connection.on('disconnected', function(){
 console.log('Connection disconnected');

3) Check which collection inside the data are stored in. The pit I have encountered before is, if you use this sentence

var Movie = mongoose.model('Movie', movieSchema);

Although you specify to deposit a collection called’ Movie’, what you may actually deposit is called’ Movie’sMongoose automatically adds an s after it. It’s a pit, but it does happen.

Commands such as show collections can be used in Mongodb SHELL inside, or visual tools such as RoboMongo, MongoBooster can be easily checked out.