Do you open cmd every time you use gulp plug-in

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Hello, everyone, would like to ask
With gulp plug-in, do you have to open cmd every time and always open it?
Now I mainly use gulp-less plug-in, and always turn on cmd after starting listening events.
In addition, cmd should be turned on again every day to start monitoring events, and it should be turned on all the time. If you feel a little trouble, you want to ask if there is any more convenient way to use gulp plug-in.

In fact, if you just compile less, then maybe you just need a tool, such as:
However, since node plus gulp is used, you can actually add more plug-ins to help you do more things. there are many things you can do. opening cmd is not troublesome, is it faster than opening IDE?
For example:
Gulp-autoprefixer prefix automatically
Gulp-minify-csss compression
Livereload auto refresh
Gulp-csslint css code check