Does nodejs have any embedded database scheme to replace sqlite3

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I used Electronic to develop it. Considering that Electronic may be relatively small, all questions raised are estimated to be 0 replies. However, it is the same to ask nodejs.

I was thinking of using sqlite3 as an embedded database, but after a long time of trouble, I have been reporting errors. It hasn’t been solved.

Pouchdb was later used as an alternative, but the speed was too slow.

Considering desktop applications, mysql is definitely out of use, and sqlite3 has always been a pit. What is the solution other than sqlite3?

I seem to have seen you ask before and forgot to reply.

I’m here myselfelectronInside usesnedb, have not tried at allsqllite3There seem to be many problems.

You can try it, I can guarantee that this is inelectronThe next step was to run. As for the speed, I won’t talk about it. I didn’t do any performance tests. I went directly to the website and got the results.