During the interview, it is often mentioned that what is the difference between xx language and xx language, and how to answer it at this time

  node.js, question

I am often asked during interviews, please tell me about the differences between php and nodejs, so I would like to ask if there is a fixed way to answer such questions, and from what aspects will a comprehensive answer satisfy the interviewer, thank you!

In fact, it’s not that complicated, it’s just a question of opening up the topic. . The real interviewers are all looking for your advantages. They will first ask you a broader question, such as the difference between php and nodejs.

You may answer that php has a comparative advantage in script processing and development speed and framework, while nodejs has an advantage in asynchronous and io balabala~ ~

Then he will start to ask questions you may be familiar with according to your answer, the advantages and disadvantages of nodejs asynchrony and the solutions, blocking, promise and so on

Or ask php what frameworks it is familiar with and what advantages each has, and then go further. . .

So, don’t brag! ! Don’t brag! ! Don’t brag! ! Say important things three times.

Don’t understand is don’t understand, there is no shame, but don’t Don’t know but pretend know, otherwise you don’t understand the next question you ask. . If the interviewer asks you two or three questions that you are not familiar with, you can politely say, excuse me, I may not be familiar with these questions, but I am familiar with XX. . Be sure to ask the interviewer what areas you are familiar with.