Electon Packaging and Publishing Problem

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I would like to ask, after the electon_packager application is released
Later, my client code was modified and a new package was sent. Users need to use this new package. Does electron provide some good mechanisms for users to update automatically?

For example, what does the system remind you of?

After going through the official documents of electron again, I found that it actually provided such a thing.
However, it needs to be packaged in the form of an installation package, and it also needs Electronic-Release-Server as a server.
autoUpdater:http://electron.atom.io/docs/v0.37.5/api …

The following is invalid

Electron itself does not seem to provide a similar mechanism.

You can check the version by yourself and then play a reminder. win8 and above should be directly notified, and the following is Tray provided by electron.
After the download update can only let users themselves

However, it does not seem that the js or asar files will be occupied after electron is started.
May be able to directly download and then overwrite js, asar files in your directory?