Electron uses a native node module.

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The local node is 4.X and the electron’s is 6.X, which results in the module installed by npm cannot be used on electron.

Try to use electron-rebuild to resolve, but always report an error.


Can you be more specific, for example, what bag is it?
This is my plan, you can try it:

node-gyp --target=1.3.5 --runtime=electron --fallback-to-build --directory ./node_modules/node-sass --dist-url=https://gh-contractor-zcbenz.s3.amazonaws.com/atom-shell/dist configure
node-gyp --target=1.3.5 --runtime=electron --fallback-to-build --directory ./node_modules/node-sass --dist-url=https://gh-contractor-zcbenz.s3.amazonaws.com/atom-shell/dist  rebuild

targetIt’s the version number of electron

Then note that node-sass downloads the compiled binary file by default, so it needs to be re-specified. My method is as follows, not the only one:

process.env.SASS_BINARY_PATH = path.join(__dirname, './node_modules/node-sass/build/Release/binding.node');