Expressr cannot obtain the expires information of the cookie. How can I obtain the expires information of the cookie

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The premise is that the server side of the substation is built by express, and the browser side stores cookie information of the main station. When accessing the sub-station, the server side of the sub-station can obtain the key=value information of the cookie, but cannot obtain the expiration or max-age information of the cookie.
All cookie information can be obtained on the java server of the master station, so it is quite doubtful how to obtain all cookie information on express.

How did you get it in Java main station? It can’t. The http protocol only sends key-value pair information without expired cookie. Other information will not be sent back. Cookie.getMaxAge always returns -1 in Java’s servlet api. The other is the same. This is decided by the http protocol itself and has nothing to do with any framework and language.