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ponds = {
 '111111': 'XOaXjKdCp47EthMK_72J',
 '222222': 'OxVikBm83-iO7hjZ_72L',
 '123456': '3SnnjvG_P4w-qaDd_72K'

First, when the client connects to the server, it will carry a password, and then I will judge whether there is this password in the server cache. If not, it will be added to the pool, ponds[code] =; If there is this password in the server cache, it will be taken out from the pool inside, and then I will get the previous, so I will have the and ponds[code]=> of the current user.
The current user joins a new room and uses socket.join(‘sroom’); No problem, but how can the taken out of the pool be instantiated into a socket and then call the join () room to enter the sroom?

When you built another array to save it, you came in:

users[code] = socket;