Forever installed by npm cannot run: command not found

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Let’s talk about the environment: Debian 8.2 x64, node version 5.1, node installation path is/home/node _ server/bins/node-v5.1-x64/,and/home/node _ server/bins/node-v5.1-x64/bin/node and npm soft links to /usr/local/bin/ inside.
After using npmsInstallforever-g, enter Forever to prompt bash command not found.
How to solve it?

Sounds like your Path variable has not been set.

Make sure your path =/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/local/zend/bin exists in any of the following files.
 //If you want root to share PAT variable with everyone, please add your PATH variable here:
 //If you do not want to change the root permission, please add your PATH variable here
 //If you only want to change a user's, please add your PATH variable here
 (user) /.profile