Hexo always reports mistakes and asks for help when deploying to github.

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Execute command:

hexo deploy



No problem with the blank space, but just report the mistake and ask for help! ! !

Additional questions:
After setting the environment variable:
Baidu said it was necessarygit init
Then I execute itgit init
Can be executed againhexo dThere is still an error:

And atgit initposteriorhexo dThere are a lot of warning operations in the middle!

Thank you for inviting me, but I have succeeded every time, so I can only give you reference articles.
Referring to these two articles:

http://www.jianshu.com/p/67c5 …

https://xuanwo.org/2014/08/14 …

Your error: spangitenoent

Reason: It is caused by not adding Git environment variables. Add Git and environment variables of git management library.