How can I get the score inquiry interface of the university official website?

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The official website of our school often does not develop the function of inquiring results until all the results have been entered. Everyone knows how difficult the process of waiting for results is, even though it is possible to wait for bad news in the end. I’m here to ask this question because before the school opened the result inquiry, a magical Wechat Official Account appeared on WeChat. You can inquire your result (showing the result that has been entered) by entering the name and student number of the school. I think it’s very severe. Therefore, I’m here to ask for help. I don’t know which genius has done such a thing before. I hope I can get your true biography.

As a person who has written about his school’s third-party educational administration system, let me answer it.

  1. The first is about what you saidInterface. Generally speaking, schools do not provide interfaces, because it is not like Wechat Official Account or something like that. The educational administration system is a relatively serious website. It is impossible and dare not provide interfaces. In case the personal data of students are leaked, who is to blame? To get the data, you have to look like@ ClearThat said,Using simulated landing to grab pages and then analyzing them to get results. My method is to POST the student number password to the official educational administration system, take the cookie to grab the data of the score page after obtaining the cookie, and then match the scores with regular expressions (the scores are usually displayed in tables, so it is quite regular).

  2. Again, it’s about what you said to get results in advance. Our school’s educational administration system usually does not close the score inquiry, but if you do not complete the evaluation during the teaching evaluation period (towards the end of each semester), you cannot find the score (pop up a warning box and then you cannot enter the score inquiry page). Later, I found out that my third-party educational administration system was able to check the results in inside during that period. Then I went to see the source code and found that the means of the school was very simple, that isUse JS to play the warning box and jump to another page.-to put it bluntly, jump off the page before the results are displayed, because my crawler iswill notJS code is executed, so my crawler can still work normally. You said that Wechat Official Account could check the results without opening the school. It should be the same.

DigressionIf you want to make a popular score checking system, then you must do a good job in details and have a better user experience. For example, it is very painful for our school’s official educational administration system to check results with a mobile phone-the feeling of browsing the computer version of the web page on the mobile phone, you know, so I used the one I wrote.Adaptive page; Another thing is that the official educational administration system lists all the results at the same time. I will classify them by semester, one tab; for each semester. In addition, I also dropped some items that are not commonly used. I only kept the “course name”, “teacher”, “usual results”, “examination results” and “overall evaluation results” (students only pay attention to these items). I added a GPA item (there is no official item). I have a warm reminder to the students who hang Kobe more, and exported the results to excel, etc. therefore, my third-party educational administration system has won high praise from my classmates and even the school.